Shanghai Yihe Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The million-kilowatt nuclear power nuclear diaphragm valve project prototype appraisal meeting was successfully held

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2023-07-18 13:42

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Shanghai Yihe Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Appraisal meeting for engineering prototype of million-kilowatt nuclear diaphragm valve

Successfully held


meeting venue

meeting venue

The expert group visited the nuclear power workshop

From October 12 to 13, 2012, entrusted by the National Energy Administration, the China Machinery Industry Federation held in Shanghai the Nuclear Secondary Manual and Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve Jointly Developed by Shanghai No.1 Nuclear Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. The nuclear two-stage electric diaphragm valve series product appraisal meeting developed by Yihe Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Nearly 40 leaders and leaders from the Nuclear Safety Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Co., Ltd., China National Nuclear Corporation, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, Tsinghua University, and Shanghai Nuclear Power Office participated in the meeting. expert. The meeting was chaired by Sui Yongbin, President of China Machinery Industry Federation.

The expert group carefully reviewed the technical documents, visited the factory and witnessed the performance test of the engineering prototype together, and agreed that: the design of the engineering prototype is reasonable, the overall reliability is good, and the service life is long. The working condition requirements of nuclear power plants and the technical performance of engineering prototypes are in the leading position in China and have reached the advanced level of similar products in the world.

Editor's Note: Among the various valves used in nuclear power plants, the nuclear-grade pneumatic straight-through diaphragm valve is a component of the nuclear safety level two in the nuclear power unit, and the nuclear-grade pneumatic straight-through diaphragm valve is a type of valve that has not yet been localized. It is the first development, and its successful development will break the situation that the nuclear power plant pneumatic diaphragm valve is completely monopolized by foreign technology and fill the gap in China!

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