The company organized a comprehensive fire drill during the "119" period

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2023-07-18 13:36

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November 9 this year is the 30th National Fire Fighting Day. The theme of this year's Fire Fighting Day is "Implementing Fire Responsibilities and Preventing Safety Risks". On November 11, the company carried out the "119" Fire Protection Publicity Day, with the goal of strengthening employees' fire safety awareness and improving fire fighting and emergency response capabilities. This comprehensive fire drill was conducted.


The drill set up links such as emergency evacuation and assembly of employees, use of various fire extinguishing bottles to extinguish the initial fire, and the actual use of fire hydrant hoses and rescue standard fire truck water guns in the factory area. Through this comprehensive drill, the company's response to sudden fire accidents has been strengthened. The company’s emergency response capabilities have improved the level of cooperation between the company’s volunteer firefighting teams and professional firefighting rescue forces, and enabled the company’s leaders at all levels and front-line employees to get an actual test of fire fighting and rescue work, which is also suitable for the company to further improve the fire emergency plan. Invaluable experience has been accumulated in terms of sex and adequacy.


In the current situation where the company's production tasks are extremely heavy, the company's leaders have never forgotten the extremely important foundation and guarantee role of safe production, special research and deployment, and personally organized command drill tasks. The majority of employees responded positively, actively participated, organized in an orderly manner, and performed seriously. From the aspects of scientifically grasping the mechanism of fire extinguishing, correctly using fire-fighting equipment, deepening the cultivation of team spirit, and personally realizing the lack of gaps, the implementation of the fire safety responsibility system and efficient response have been improved in an all-round way. Confidence in all types of fire. The drill scene has always reproduced the seriousness and tension under the disaster situation, and is full of lively and lively scenes that benefit both teaching and learning. The whole field exercise lasted for more than an hour, and more than 20 dry powder and carbon dioxide fire extinguishing bottles and more than 10 tons of fire fighting water were actually used. After the drill, the leaders of the Safety Supervision Office of Waigang Town were invited to give concentrated lectures on fire safety warning education for all employees in accordance with the requirements of personnel in different positions of the company.


The local government and the fire department attached great importance to this drill and gave great attention and strong support. Shen Xuejun, director of the Waigang Town Safety Supervision Office in Jiading District, and Liu Zhen, secretary of the Wangxin Fire Rescue Station, personally led the team to the scene for guidance . Relevant personnel from the fire maintenance unit participated in the drill.


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