Localization of Valves

Live up to your expectations and strive to firmly grasp the core technology in your own hands

The key core technology is a national treasure. Only by firmly holding the key core technologies in their own hands can we truly grasp the initiative of competition and development, and can we fundamentally guarantee the national Economic security, national defense security and other security. Key core technologies cannot be obtained, purchased, or obtained. We need to break through key core technologies as soon as possible, strive to achieve independent and controllable control of key core technologies, and firmly hold the initiative in innovation and development in our own hands-- Xi Jinping

Since its establishment, Shanghai Yihe Valve Co., Ltd. has always cherished the aspiration of industrial prosperity and technological power, always keeping in mind the instructions and working hard. It has extensively carried out project cooperation and localization research and development with large domestic engineering companies, design institutes, research institutes, etc. Taking the background of engineering localization projects as an opportunity, it actively participates in the "National Science and Technology Major Special Localization" Projects such as the National Energy Administration's "Localization of Millions and Millions of Nuclear Power Nuclear Class Valves" project, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Important Regulating Valves and Key Accessories for Nuclear Power Plants", and the "Development Project of Substitute Imported Parts for Nuclear Power Engineering" contribute to mastering key core technologies and solving the "bottleneck" problem, as well as the "autonomous and controllable localization of key core technologies for valves".
Enterprises are the main body of technological innovation. To master key core technologies, in addition to universities and research institutions, enterprises are also duty-bound. Currently, a considerable portion of manufacturing enterprises above designated size in China have the ability to carry out innovation activities, but the proportion is still not high enough. The fact shows that it is difficult to achieve breakthroughs in key core technology research in some fields, and an important reason is that enterprises have weak technological innovation capabilities. It is necessary to recognize the seriousness and urgency of this issue from the overall perspective of national development, encourage young talents who understand the world's cutting-edge technology to enter enterprises, provide a favorable policy environment for improving the scientific and technological research and development capabilities of enterprises, and effectively improve their innovation capabilities. At the same time, it is necessary to fully leverage the traction of the market and have enterprises lead the research and development of key core technologies with market competitiveness.
The road is blocked and long, and the path is approaching; the path is not stopped, and the future is foreseeable. Through our continuous efforts and deep cultivation in the valve industry, we have continuously made breakthroughs in key core technologies, and are down-to-earth and diligent, contributing to the comprehensive construction of a socialist modernized power.