EHO's Nuclear Level II Electric Actuated Diaphragm Valve for HPR 1000 got approved

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2023-09-28 14:34

Keywords: Valves

  华龙一号核 2 级电动隔膜阀”产品样机顺利通过鉴定


Cooperated with China Nuclear Power Engineering, Shanghai EHO has developed nuclear level II electric actuated diaphragm valve applied for HUALONG ONE. The appraisal meeting was successfully held by Shanghai Nuclear Society and Shanghai Nuclear Office in Shanghai EHO on 24th March, 2019.


Members of appraisal committee visited test field and witnessed some performance tests on 23rd, March. Shanghai EHO reported and presented documents about valve design, manufacture, test, inspect and quality assurance on the meeting. After discussion and queries, it was considered that the nuclear level II electric actuated diaphragm valve owned completely independent intellectual property right and passed appraisal.


Members of appraisal committee consist of experts from Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute, Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, China Nuclear Power Engineering, Power China SPEM Company, China Nuclear Power Research Institute, China Zhongyuan Engineering, China Nuclear Xiapu Nuclear Power, China Nuclear Power Operation and Management and Nuclear Power Institute of China. CGN, China Nuclear Power Engineering and Shanghai EHO attended the meeting.

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