EHO's Nuclear Level II Electric Actuated Gate, Globe, Control, Check and Main Feed Water Control Valves got approved

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2023-09-28 14:47

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  百万千瓦级压水堆核电厂核安全二级电动闸阀、截止阀 调节阀、止回阀、主给水调节阀产品鉴定会顺利召开

Cooperated with Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC) and China Nuclear Power Engineering, Shanghai EHO has developed nuclear level II electric actuated gate, globe, control, Check and main feed water control valves applied for 1,000 MW PWR nuclear power plant. The appraisal meeting was successfully held by China General Machinery Industry Association (CGMIA) and China Machinery Industry Federation (GMIF) in Shanghai EHO on 8th December, 2018.


Representatives including GMIF, CGMIA, NPIC, China Nuclear Power Engineering, NPIC, Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, China Nuclear Power Engineering, China Nuclear Power Design Institute, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute and China Zhongyuan Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology, China Nuclear Xiapu Nuclear Power, Hainan Nuclear Power, Jiangsu nuclear Power attended the meeting.


Before meeting started, members of appraisal committee and all attendees visited test field and witnessed some performance tests. Shanghai EHO reported and presented documents about valve design, manufacture, test, inspect and quality assurance. After discussion and queries, it was considered that technical and performance data of five valves had reached international standard and five valves were qualified for nuclear power plants.


On 26th, November, Shanghai EHO was issued Design and Manufacture Permit of Electric Actuated gate, globe, control, Check and main feed water control valves. Now with this appraisal meeting held successfully, Shanghai EHO desired brighter prospects.

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