Company leaders extend sincere blessings and holiday condolences to female employees

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2023-07-18 13:40

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On the occasion of the "March 8th" International Working Women's Day, General Manager Hong Yongchun, on behalf of the company's leaders, extended festive congratulations and sincere wishes to more than 60 female employees, and sent holiday congratulatory letters, greeting cards and red envelopes to thank all departments The vast number of female employees who play an active role in various fronts have contributed to the development of the company.

Holiday letter to all female employees

On the occasion of the "March 8th" International Working Women's Day, Shanghai Yihe Valve Co., Ltd. would like to extend festival congratulations and best wishes to all female employees and their families!

Live up to youth, live up to spring. Beautiful, intelligent, and self-improving women of the new era are always the most beautiful scenery in our entrepreneurial journey of Shanghai Yihe. Many female employees have been accompanied by the company's growth and growth, and many outstanding female employees have continued to join the ranks of One Core and become the backbone and backbone of One Core. half of the sky". Whether it is in the first-line workshop warehouse, in the key department of design and quality assurance, or in the comprehensive service management position, through our 17-year excellent team array, there is always a pioneering and hard-working contemporary "Mulan" beauty everywhere. . On the occasion of this exclusive festival for working women in the world, the company expresses its sincere thanks and high respect to you!

As time goes by, women compete for brilliance. General Secretary Xi once sent a message to the majority of women to "be a builder of a great cause, an advocate of civilized fashion, and a fighter who dares to pursue dreams". The company sincerely wishes and firmly believes that you will continue to bloom on the broad stage of the company's accelerated development. Fanghua, pursue dreams and realize dreams, and write a brighter chapter of struggle!

Take care of your husband and teach your children, and manage your family well. Our female employees and their family members, while realizing their own entrepreneurial value, also carry the inheritance of traditional Chinese virtues and the support of family happiness, and they have paid more hardships and efforts. The company also sincerely wishes more than 60 female employees who are still in the same boat with us and love each other, as well as the vast number of close female relatives, a "double harvest" of career success and love and marriage!

Shanghai Yihe Valve Co., Ltd.

March 7, 2022

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