A good start to the new year! my country's second Hualong No. 1 nuclear power unit connected to the grid for power generation

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2023-07-18 13:40

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At 22:35:38 on January 1, 2022, my country's independent third-generation nuclear power Hualong No. 1 ushered in a "good start" for the New Year: Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 6 of China National Nuclear Corporation was successfully connected to the grid for the first time, and began to send the first kilowatt-hours of electricity to the grid. The third and the second Hualong One grid-connected generating set in my country. After on-site confirmation, all technical indicators meet the design requirements, and the unit is in good condition, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent formal commercial operation.

The "core" part of Hualong No. 1 - the reactor and the primary circuit system are independently developed and designed by the China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute. It adopts 177 core design, a combination of "active and passive" safety system, double-layer containment and other technologies. In terms of safety, it meets the highest international safety standards.

As the "national business card" of my country's nuclear power going to the world, Hualong One is one of the third-generation nuclear power models with the highest acceptance in the current nuclear power market. At present, Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 5, the world's first Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, and Pakistan Karachi Unit 2, the first overseas Hualong One reactor, have been put into commercial operation in 2021.

The installed capacity of each Hualong No. 1 unit is 1.161 million kilowatts, and the annual power generation capacity is nearly 10 billion kWh, which can meet the annual production and living electricity needs of a population of 1 million in moderately developed countries. It is equivalent to reducing the consumption of standard coal by 3.12 million tons and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 8.16 million tons, which is equivalent to planting more than 70 million trees. It will help optimize China's energy structure, promote green and low-carbon development, and help achieve "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" Goals matter

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