Machining Center Operator


Minimum Education:

Number of recruiters:


job description
1. Have more than 2 years of working experience in CNC horizontal lathe or CNC vertical lathe, be able to understand machining drawings, and know how to identify important key dimensions.
2. Proficiency in CNC horizontal lathe/CNC vertical lathe or CNC vertical lathe operation, proficiency in G code, manual programming and debugging (the product is stainless steel valve, mainly small batch parts, must be able to hand weave). Skilled sleeper workers/CNC will be divided into 6K-8.5K without overtime, and the comprehensive monthly income before tax with overtime is 8K-11K. Skilled vertical lathe workers do not have overtime and assessment 8K-13k, with overtime and assessment pre-tax comprehensive monthly income 10K-15K.
3. Can adapt to night shift, hourly wages. Overtime pay is calculated for hours beyond eight hours, and there are assessment bonuses, night shift allowances, full attendance bonuses, seniority bonuses, birthday allowances, holiday benefits, etc.
4. The company provides free board and lodging, free water and electricity, 4-5 rooms with air conditioning, and those who pass the interview can immediately enter the job.